Surfing, Snorkelling, and Beyond: The Top Watersports Activities in Lombok

Getting to Lombok

Lombok is known as the sister island to Bali – a lesser known paradise filled with small villages, beautiful beaches and dense jungle. It’s also got pristine waters, turtles, and sparsely populated beaches, which makes it the ideal place for watersports. From surfing and snorkelling to jet skiing and rafting, there are plenty of ways to have fun in the ocean. There are providers on Lombok for all the equipment, guidance and lessons you could need.

Where to Surf in Lombok

an image of a man surfing in Lombok

Kuta Beach

Kuta is the beach for every surfer. With a consistent swell, and breaks best in the wet season from December to February. Once you’ve paddled out far you’ll find a fun left reef break. If you’re still new to surfing, there are some surf schools in town, such as Heartbeach Lombok Surf Academy, which will loan you equipment and give you a beginner’s lesson. The beach is filled with roaming beach masseuses, cold drinks vendors and small food stalls, so after a big session learning the ropes you can lay back and relax.

image of kuta beach

The beach is a 10 minute walk from the town centre of Kuta.

Selong Belanak

Selong Belanak is a photographer’s paradise. It’s a shimmering white sand beach with a backdrop of lush, grand headlands, and buffalo grazing nearby. Once you’ve surfed with buffalos, you won’t want to do it without them.

This is a versatile spot for intermediate and beginners surfers, with small-to-medium waves and plenty of space.

For more recommendations on where to surf in Lombok, read our Ultimate Guide to Surfing.


image of buffalos at selong belanak beach

The beach provides good surfing all year round, and it’s an easy 40 minute drive from Kuta plus a walk of less than 100m to the surf. It’s along the main road connecting all South Coast beaches, so is a great place to stop if you’re beach hopping.

Rafting in Lombok

Rafting is a great way to experience the flora and fauna of central Lombok with an element of adrenaline mixed in. It’s pretty straight forward; you and 4 to 5 other people get into a boat. The boat soars downstream on a river that runs through the heart of Lombok’s jungle giving you an up-close look at the landscape. There are two popular places to go rafting in Lombok; the Batu Mekar river, and the Jangok River. Both, which are both class II and III rapids, an appropriate level for beginners. Plus, Jongok features a beautiful waterfall to stop at.


image of people rafting in Lombok

Rafting Tours

The most popular rafting spots are about 1 hour from Kuta. A variety of local companies offer tours ranging from 2 hours to a full day. Full day tours often include hotel pick up, stops to marvel at surrounding nature, lunch in a local restaurant and traditional snacks. Rafting starts at $77AUD per adult.

Jet Skiing in Lombok

Jet skiing is not only a thrill, it’s also a great way to get from place to place. Speed along like you’re in an action film, with water rushing past and wind in your hair. For the more adventurous, you can drive up to Sengiggi and jet ski out to the Gilli islands. If you’re a budding marine biologist, you can plan stops at some of the more remote snorkelling hubs on your way.

image of jet skiing in lombok

Jet Ski Hire and Tours

Jet ski rentals and tours are available at various outlets in Lombok, like ‘The Playground’ on Kuta Beach. Most of these companies will rent you a jet ski plus safety equipment, and set you up with an instructor who makes sure you’re safe on the jet ski. If you’re heading up to the northern part of the island, you can also elect to go on a guided tour of the stunning Lombok beaches and Gilli Islands. Party with other tourists on Gilli Trawangan, visit the underwater statues in Gilli Meno, or luxuriate in peace at Gilli Air. Jet ski hire starts at $25USD. Hire + a guided tour of the islands starts at $250USD pp.

Please note: To drive a jet ski in Lombok you have to be over the age of 16.


Snorkelling is a little more laid back than other watersports. Floating in a mass of endless blue, surrounded by silence and quietly watching fish and turtles flit about vibrant, healthy coral…it’s one of the most beautiful experiences you can have in Lombok.

The people are snorkeling near the famous place on Gili Meno Island, Indonesia. Aerial view. Underwater tourism in the ocean. Gili Meno Island, Indonesia. Travel - image

Where to Go Snorkelling

The best place in Lombok for snorkelling is Bukit Merese, a 20 minute drive from central Kuta. This is a bay surrounded by rolling grass hills overlooking a beach renowned for its colourful marine life. Leave the water just before sunset so you can sit on the hills while you’re drying off, and drink in the best view of dusk in Lombok.

Snorkelling Tours

There are popular snorkelling day tours to remote spots, such as the Kuta Lombok Travel tour to the famous Pink Beach. They pick you up in Kuta, show you the underwater secrets of one of the most photographed spots in Lombok, then drop you home.

Waterfall Tours in Lombok

The peak of Mount Rinjani will be ever present during your adventures in Lombok. It’s one of Indonesia’s highest peaks and dominates the skyline. It’s also an active volcano – don’t worry though, its last eruption was in 2016 and didn’t injure anyone. Because of its rich volcanic soil it’s home to lush foliage and is also home to some fairy-tale style waterfalls.

Mount Rinjani Waterfall Tours

There are some beautiful tours which take you to the most photogenic, hidden waterfalls on the mysterious mount Rinjani. Many of them also feature Indonesian cuisine for a lunch in nature and differing routes for differing fitness levels. Close to Aik Berik, a 1.5 hour drive from Kuta, this is a day or half-day experience which is well worth the drive.

Beautiful young woman standing by tropical waterfall

Where to Stay in Lombok

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