The Ultimate Guide to Surfing in Lombok

Kuta is the main town in the South of Lombok, a smaller island east of Bali known for its wide, white beaches, delicious street food, and local Sasak culture. Kuta’s spot on the Southern coastline is a haven for surfers, simply because they’re spoiled for choice. There are incredible waves for every level within scootering distance, with stunning natural scenery to take in along the way. So whether you’re new to surfing or a seasoned professional, here is the ultimate guide to surfing in Lombok:

When is the best time to surf?

Lombok is pretty much always great for surfers. It’s a typical tropical climate with warm temperatures and humidity, but it’s drier than Bali – a massive plus. There are two major seasons in Lombok; Wet Season (October to March) and Dry Season (April to September). Dry Season is the most popular when it comes to surfing because of the constant sunshine and blue skies, plus the clean swells from higher winds. The Wet Season is less popular, which means cheaper prices and smaller crowds, but there are still consistent waves and comfortable temperatures.

Each season requires a different approach to surfing; in the Dry Season early morning is the best, before trade winds come in and cause choppier, more unruly waves. In the Wet Season there is less wind, so waves are smaller but cleaner but you’ll have to contend with the rains.

image of a man surfing

Getting around

Getting yourself and your board around the island can be a challenge, but there are ways to make it easy. Kuta has plenty of places to rent scooters, which come with attachments for holding your board. Hire costs sit at around 50,000 IDR per day. Every beach in this list is accessible from Kuta in under an hour via scooter.

Surfboards of various kinds are also always for hire at the string of small stalls along the beach, most of which both rent boards but also offer lessons and introductory instruction.

If you’d prefer to do a long day trip, you might like to hire a driver. A driver for a full day trip (8 hours) usually costs around 500,000 IDR. You will be able to find a driver in Kuta easily. For help simply ask at Ku’s front desk.

Insider tip: Most of the beaches in Lombok charge an entrance fee, usually 10,000 IDR per person or per scooter. We recommend keeping some cash on you at all times for these charges.

Where to Surf in Lombok for Beginner - Intermediate Surfers

Lombok is the place to go if you’re ready to fall in love with Surfing. Even if you’ve never touched a board in your life, you’ll find plenty of surf schools, hire shops, and beginner waves to get you started. These are our favourite beginner spots in Lombok; great places to start, before you’re ready for something a little more gnarly…

Selong Belanak

landscape bird eye view of Selong Belanak beach

Selong Balanak is the place to go for your first day surfing in Lombok. First off, it’s a great photo op with white, powdery sand and the local buffalos’ daily crossing. This buzzing beach is an easy 30 minute ride from Kuta, and is covered in beach shacks and bamboo chairs for you to lounge in after a challenging surf lesson. The beach sits in a sheltered bay with a small, rolling straight hander that is perfect for beginners. If just jumping on a board seems a little daunting, you can walk into one of the many nearby surf schools for some expert local guidance.

people swimming with surf boards at Selong Belanak


ekas beach

A little further away from Kuta is Ekas Bay, a small Sasak fishing village in the South East of Lombok. It sits in a more remote, undeveloped part of the island with dense foliage and a stunning but uncrowded bay. It’s about an hour long scooter ride from Kuta, during which you’ll pass plenty of nearby villages and beaches you’ll be itching to visit once you’re ready for a more advanced wave.

Ekas is surf-appropriate on all tides, breaking year round, but has some real power when there’s a South West swell. Its inside wave has a wide peak that breaks both right and left – the left breaks over a long stretch of reef for a gentle beginner surf. Despite its semi-remote location, Ekas has a lovely local surf school if you’re looking for some tips and tricks.

a child carrying a surf board at Ekas Beach

Where to Surf in Lombok for Intermediate to Advanced Surfers

For those confident and experienced surfers, there are some incredible intermediate and advanced beaches to try near Kuta, with enough variety for you to practise whatever skills you like. These beaches have a variety of waves so you can refine every element of your surfing.


Gerupuk Beach

Gerupuk beach is an inlet made of several small bays, and it’s a popular local fishing spot. It’s a 20 minute drive from Kuta, set next to the dramatic cliffs of the South Coast. Its location has resulted in a collection of varied waves that tend towards intermediate difficulty. Smack bang in the middle of the bay is a wave known as Don Don – an A frame with a great section for turns and aerials. Out the back there are some heavier peaks, and there’s also a right hand reef break. The right hander only breaks during the biggest swells but is great fun for kids, so keep an eye out.

a person surfing at Gerupuk beach


overview of Seger Beach

Seger Beach is featured on plenty of postcards and blog posts about Lombok; it might even be the reason you’re visiting in the first place. A long, white sand beach that breaks up rocky coastline, it’s a treat for the eyes. Its nearby hills are perfect for a short 60m walk followed by a luxurious sunset view. It’s popular with tourists, which means there are plenty of beach shacks nearby for cocktails, coconuts and snacks as a post-surf indulgence.

It’s best in the Wet Season and, because of its exposed location, it’s more controlled when the swell drops. It’s known for its punchy right reef break, with an A-frame peak. A simple 10 minute ride from Kuta, this beach is well worth visiting when you’re ready for some bigger, more challenging waves.

a man surfing at seger beach

Where to Surf for Pro Surfers

Plenty of people come to Lombok looking for a challenge when it comes to surfing, and as the locals will tell you, it’s not hard to find. If you’re a pro-level surfer, here are some recommendations for surf spots that will test and amaze you.

Are Guling

overview of Are Guiling Beach

Driving through the small surrounding village of Tumpak, that’s only a 15 minute drive from Kuta, you get a sense of the charm of Are Guling beach. The clear waters are punctured by an Emerald-peaked island and the shore is home to the local surf club and a little beach bar that’s perfect for a post-wave beer. The break is 500m from land, and there are boat rides available if you don’t feel like paddling. Once you’re out there, there are two sides, both challenging in different ways. A steep lefthander which requires a quick takeoff in big swells, and right hand break which is known as the best in South Lombok. It’s hollow with long walls and clean barreling sections. To get the best out of Are Guling, visit through the Wet Season, during low to mid tide.

a person surfing at Guling Beach


Mawi is a must-conquer beach for anyone that considers themselves an advanced surfer. The 30 minute drive from Kuta finds you in a small, beautiful bay surrounded by hills which frame a picture-perfect island. In the cove you’ll find shacks for a cheeky mie goreng, just the thing you’ll crave after throwing yourself at Mawi’s exhilarating waves. On the mid tide it has plenty of fun barrels, particularly on the right break, where they are fast but perfect. Its left break is notoriously tricky to figure out and requires some manoeuvring – but once you get it, you’ll feel like a champion. Visit during the Dry Season, when Mawi is one of the most consistent waves on the island.

P.S. If you’ve conquered the board and want to try something new, like rafting or jet skiing, you can try the Island’s other watersport offerings.

a man surfing in Mawi

Where to Stay in Lombok?

After a day beach-hopping, come home to a plunge pool, mojitos, fresh sheets and delicious food at KU Villas. Right in the heart of Kuta, KU is the perfect jumping off point for a surf day. Rooms, family suites and pool villas are all on offer.

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